P.01 - Mysterium Keyboard Kit

Completed - production is completed (as of mid Jan 2021), kits have been shipped to UK via sea freight. Due to arrive end of Feb, then will be sorted, QC'd, and shipped to customers.

P.02 - Discipline Keyboard Kit

In Production - all pieces have finished machining, and are being anodised. Production halted between Feb 5th and 22nd due to Lunar New Year. Production estimated to be completed mid March, with 1 month sea freight delivery to UK.

Moss - Linear Switches

Completed & Shipped - All stand-alone moss orders have been completed and shipped. Moss orders fulfilled with keyboards are packed and waiting. 5 orders which due to a technical glitch had not specified their switch weight will go out on Tuesday the 9th of Feb. 

Extras will be available in Feb.

Protozoa Deskmats

Completed, Shipping - stand-alone orders are going out Tuesday Feb 9th.

Extras will be available in Feb.

Nightwalker - Silent Linear, Tactile & Stabiliser Collection

In Production - Silent Linear Switches
Completed - Tactile Switches & Stabilisers

Production will be completed at the end of Feb, while the factory is closed for Lunar New Year between Feb 5 - Feb 22.