Artist Series - Jag by James Gilleard - Deskmat

Artist Series - Jag by James Gilleard - Deskmat

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Illustrator James Gilleard takes on the classic British Racing Green colourway with this dynamic illustration of a Jaguar E-Type rounding a bend in the racecourse. Part of the Protozoa Studio ‘Artist Series’. IG: @jamesgilleard

Size: 900 x 400mm
Thickness: 4mm
Ships: 2-3 months after GB closes.


  • USA: CannonKeys
  • Canada: Desk-Hero
  • EU: MyKeyboard
  • SEA: Monokei
  • Oceania: DailyClack
  • Korea: SwagKeys

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**Renders are variable and the final deskmat may differ.