Lumen:ST Screw-in Stabilizer

Lumen:ST Screw-in Stabilizer

Unit price per
  • Full Glow in the Dark Nylon Housing and Stem
  • Black SS Bars
  • 4x 2u, 1x 6.25u & 7u Bar


  1. USA - Kono
  2. UK / EU - Protozoa
  3. Canada - DeskHero
  4. AUS - Daily Clack
  5. China - zFrontier
  6. Asia / Rest of World - zFrontier EN
  7. SEA - Monokei
  8. Ukraine / RU - Funkeys 

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**This is a group buy. All orders are non refundable. After the end of the group buy period, manufacturing will begin. Group buys are subject to delays.**

**All images are 3D renderings. Color matching is not representative of the actual product.**