Mint Chocolate Chip - POM Tactile Switch

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Available until August 3rd, 2021

The Mint Chocolate Chips are a tactile switch with the same housing and stem composition of the Durock POM linear switches with a T1 stem. The tactility is nearly equal to that of the Boba U4T's, similar to the snap of biting into a piece of chocolate. The Mint Chocolate Chips are among the smoothest tactiles on the market, and provide a high, poppy sound.

GB timing: July 2nd to August 3rd 2021
Shipping: Late October
Design by: Jkeys Design

Sold in packs of 10 switches.

-5 Pin
-63.5g Spring
-Full POM Housing
-Mystery Stem Material Composition
-Factory Lubed


UK = Protozoa (you're here!)
USA: Jkeys Design
Europe: Mykeyboard
Asia / CN: zFrontier
Canada: AlphaKeys

**This is a group buy. All orders are non refundable. After the end of the group buy period, manufacturing will begin. Group buys are subject to delays. Because of the nature of this type of sale, there are no cancellations.