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An all CNC stacked plastic case with CNC milled polycarbonate bottom. Silicone sandwich mount, custom silicone pad foot.

In addition to its stunning design and customization options, this keyboard also features RGB underglow, which allows you to customize the color and brightness to match your personal style and preferences.

A keyboard for everyone

The polycarbonate material is not only durable and long-lasting, but also provides a striking and unique aesthetic. The clear material allows the internal components of the keyboard to shine through, creating an eye-catching and modern look that's sure to turn heads.

With its swappable top layers, this keyboard is incredibly versatile, allowing you to quickly and easily switch between different colors to create a keyboard that's truly your own. Whether you're a gamer, writer, or programmer, this keyboard can be customized to meet your specific style.

A unique PCB designed to be shown off

Components: pre-soldered SMD components

Silkscreen: Protozoa Swirl

LED Underglow: yes

Layout Support: ISO, ANSI, split left & right shift, split backspace, and tsangan and standard bottom row

Colors: White, Black, Blue

Strata:Frost Build & Typing Test

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